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Empower offers massage for both men and women.  

 We Specialize In:


Deep Tissue


Muscle Lengthening

Hot Stone


Cellulite Reduction

Body Treatments

Inch Loss Body Wraps

Empower Life Spa

Cupping Therapy

Best Massage, Waxing, Facials in Grand Island area.  Best Waxing in Grand Island Area

EmpowerLife Spa

30 Minute  -  $50

60 Minute  -  $75

90 Minute  -  $125

2418 N Webb Road, Suite R  -  Grand Island, NE 68803  -  308-381-7002

           Benefits of Cupping Therapy

  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Detoxification & Purifies Blood
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Digestion
  • Lung Function
  • Loosens Tight Muscles
  • Clears Skin & Softens Scars
  • Speeds Healing & Reduces Pain
  • Decreases Cellulite

Benefits of Massage

Relieves Stress

Exercise and stretch muscles

Relax and soften muscles

Reduce spasms and cramping

Increase joint flexibility

Tissue Regeneration and scars

Reduce swelling and adhesions

Relieve migraine pain

Improve low back pain

Enhance immunity

Release endorphins for pain

Experts estimate over 90% of disease is stress related.  Nothing truly ages us faster then stress.